Thursday, July 13, 2006

Another plant visit..

We were invited to visit our newly build gypsum factory at North Port, Klang recently. Before I arrived, I assumed that the place will be dirty and looks squarish ( as how factories are supposed to look like). Well well well... I was indeed all wrong! Here's a sneak peek...

A very modern looking building. Everything was so proper and even the cars need to do compulsary reverse parking to look neat infront of the building!

We were there early and was having our breakfast at the canteen..which looks more like an "Ikea" cafe to me. Food was good but the teh tarik was even better. I don't mind walking into such office/factory an hour earlier every morning to ease my mind over a cuppa java before work.. man.. this place is so happening...!!

After a short briefing, we were taken on a friendly and informative guided tour on how gypsum boards were made and I was wearing all the safety gadgets and man's safety shoes looking like an engineer-on-site-visit for a while..hehe...NICE.. Well, no photos taken inside the factory but I was impressed with the safety measures taken to ensure the worker's safety and it was pretty neat and clean inside too.

I've tried wearing like a "Pentium bunny" during my plant visit in China, an "Engineer cum contractor" at the gypsum my next mission is to wear something that makes me looks like a Belly dancer hehehehe... can?

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