Thursday, July 13, 2006


I've never liked Step Aerobics but since I've been spending hours every week doing my usual hip shaking in Latin Salsa dancing, I thought I should start doing the Step Aerobics for a firmer "butt".

This is a step board and we're supposed to dance, jump, turn and twist up and down the board with good music for at least an hour.

You'll guaranteed to sweat buckets and the end result will either give you a firmer butt like these....


Yup, I tear my ankle's ligament!!! This photo looks like a piece of burned bun on the bed because it was swallon and the ankle's purple too!

What really happen was, the base of my trainers gave way and I fell off the step board.. )(*#)$(#@#

That night, a friend of mine offered to go hunt for a doctor with me but well...I choose to stay at home and wait :p , he was right, I had skin thicker than the elephant's muahaha, I told him I will wait and see. And guess what happen the next morning?!? I couldn't even walk straight and my whole left foot looks FAT and swell like a piece of ciabatta haha...

The Doc ban me from dancing for 3 weeks (That's madness!! I can't survive a day without exercising!!!). After a week, I can only walk slowly, swim if I must and no long hours shopping sob sob... So, I've been counting my days to day number 5... checking on every public pools via the internet (something I can't live without lately) nearest to my home and office...

I've finally decided to try out the indoor swimming pool at 3K sports complex, Subang Jaya.

The entrance to the pool and gym area

A nice indoor pool. I was impressed that it wasn't even crowded in the evening..

Spotted a group of State swimmers doing their usual evening training...

My arm muscles are still sore after the swim but well, who cares.. the lady needs to exercise!!

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