Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Christmas preparation (Part 1)

What's Christmas without the scent of the traditional fruitcake soaked in 30 yrs old Cognac?

Real heartache while pouring the 1.5 cups of cognac into the fruits...

Fruits were soaked in brandy for about a week before baking.
The fruitcakes are all sealed and these babes will be sitting in the fridge until Christmas day.

Creating a Christmas-sy mood @home

Initially, I wanted to get the real Christmas tree from Ikea. X-trail dismantling and clearing the whole cabin space just to fit the 6 footer but at the end..Muaha..I bought the fake one. The box is so small, you can even carry it on a bike!... :p

Christmas ornaments are just too expensive, so..sis and I baked some sugar free gingerbread for the tree

The decors are are all silver and white with clear coloured rice lighting.

Every corner of the house is decorated with Chrismas-sy plants

Dear, are we going to have a mistletoe hanging somewhere in the house?

The answer is "no". Was searching high and low at the malls....can't even find a fake one...but anyway, we Malaysians don't kiss under the mistletoe, right? We kiss under the coconut tree wat! Hah!


We'll have a wreath instead. Couldn't find a wreath I like so ended up making one by myself.

The house is clean and decorated..what's left to do now is Christmas "shopping" and lots of baking to do...


noun -

1.the act of a person who shops.
2. of, for, or pertaining to examining and buying merchandise: a shopping trip.

3. A noun that will send chills down my X-trail's spine..ngek ngek ngek

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