Wednesday, December 06, 2006

All I want for Christmas.....

About 2.5 months ago....

X-trail: Dear, I already know what to get you for Christmas..

Beelibaala: Oh really?... What's that ar?

X-trail: You'll know when the time comes... *laughing like Austin Powers*

beelibaala: .......................... *Wahlau! How come he's planning so early geh? Me not yet think tim...gotta start doing my "homework" oredi kekeke*

While having our dinner 4 days ag0 ...

X-trail: Would you like to have a very practical gift or a not-so practical gift for Christmas? You know lar, your b'day also coming soon...I gotta think of two gifts at a time ya know.....

*Ouiiii! Thanks for reminding me that I need to add another candle to my cake soon monsieur!* tsk tsk tsk...

Beelibaala: *In deep thoughts:Wah this fellow ar! If he say very...i bet it's gonna be really really practical liao.*

The tips given are as follows:-
Needs "electricity" and not battery to operate
I'm using it everyday
Something practical and not romantic at all.. *duh*
He once told me to replace "that item" but I said "L-A-T-E-R "
Ha mi lai? Apa tu? What would that be?
Aww man...I am just curious!!!!

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