Monday, December 25, 2006

The preparation for the Fete

Thank God for a great sister who's willing to wake up super early just to help me with the marketing. My dining area was turned into a mini groceries store that day :)

Baked some rich butter cakes to be given away to my lovely guest.

Jelly boiled with love :)

My stuffed turkey. Ready to sweat in the oven for the next 4 hrs.

Here's part of the menu.
How could I forget to take a photo of the heart shaped pate sandwiches the cakes and the stew!Grrr..
It was a little tiring having to work on the gathering for almost 2 whole days, thanks mom, sis and my maid for being the best kitchen helpers!
At the end of the day...looking around the house during the party and seeing all my love ones surrounding me during Christmas was indeed the greatest gift of all...
I hope you had a great Christmas too!

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