Wednesday, February 21, 2007

There's always a "first time"

Have a blessed Lunar Year to all my family and friends

The Ipoh gal has finally returned from the city of "traffic lights". I noticed that the traffic jam in Ipoh was caused by the alarming quantity of traffic lights placed on every 1km around the city!!

Apart from meeting grand aunties and long lost relatives that only appears at your door once a year during Chinese New Year, I believe there's one event in almost everybody's life which happens at least once in our lifetime...which is... meeting your partner's family for the very first time. Psst....stressful or not?

NOT THAT stressful if the family consist of a dad, mom and a few siblings...MINE hehe... I've so many aunties, uncles and cousins.. it took X- trail a while to sort out which one belongs to the paternal and maternal family...Buahaha...
& you think it's not stresful enough?
X-trail travelled down to Ipoh on the 2nd day just to say "hi" to my family and return on the next day on a 5.5hrs crawl on the North South Highway... *pengsan*
Oh well, I believe after the "first meeting", things are gonna be more relaxed in the near future... *hopefully*
Thursday's my turn to meet his side of the family... *breath in, breath out*

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