Monday, March 12, 2007

To the broken hearts out there....

Today, I would like to reach out to my dear broken hearted friends out there who's still walking the "path of emotional recovery". Your food is tasteless, the water you're drinking tasted bitter, you hate the weekends and you want to sink yourself at your workplace, you begin to hate the people of the opposite sex....I know how it feels. I thank God I've walked out of it alive physically and emotionally. I've been in your shoes, taste the bitterness and the pain...........

Everybody wishes to be their partner's Alpha & Omega

My heart bleeds hearing you sigh and said "He/She found someone new". Remember my dear friends... you're not alone. Nobody knows the time frame to heal a broken heart. Nobody said the path you're walking now will be easy. Nothing much we can do but to take a small little step, one step at a time...........

If you've just got to know that your partner's cheating on you. If you think that it's worth your time to "try" saving the relationship. By all means, do it but set a time frame for yourself. I've seen a few successful couples reunited after a few good counseling sessions but I've also seen people emotionally "killed" in the process.

They'll tell you "I need time to think about it..", "I am confused" or even the classic "I wish I can have two, I can't decide" *eyes rolling ...if he/she says that hor, no need to think already....ask this person to go fly kite!* If their new partners are bitchy not be too surprised when you receive "threatening" calls from them too!

You should be proud of yourself that you've done no wrong. At least, you do not have the invisible tattoo on your forehead labelled "Once a cheater" or "Bitch" for the rest of your life, right? At least your story can be a guidance to your future offsprings so that they may lead a fruitful life.

What goes around, comes around...
Just leave your past behind and let's move on...


So now you've decided to make a clean cut. What's next?

Here are six secrets to help you get your life together and move on!

Difficulty: Hard!!
Time Required: Two Weeks to Three Months. (Nonsense took me more than that to get over it, 12 yrs courtship, 5 seconds for him to burk the words to me.... ONLY 3 months to get over it? chi sin!!!)

Here's the recipe:

Bond with other Singles.

At any given time, you probably have a mix of friends in loving relationships as well as those searching for love. Don't be afraid to look-up single friends you haven't seen or spoken to in awhile and make plans for Friday and Saturday night. You'll stay busy on the weekend and maybe even rekindle an old friendship.

My experience: I met so many of my long lost friends. You can go out one-on-one with your friends of the opposite sex but please make sure they're not attached hor. Or else... you kena acid splash, don't come look for me har.... If they're married or attached, go out in a group. BE WISE!

Start a Social Hobby.

If there is a hobby or activity you have been meaning to try for the first time, or take-up again, this is your chance. Focus on activities that allow you to meet new and interesting people.

My experience: Aitelyou.... I read, baked and I danced like there's no tomorrow. Suddenly, I realised that I've a passion to dance and completed my salsa beginner class in 2 months. The sky is your limit...nobody's too old to learn something new!

Go Easy on the Next Person you Meet.

Beware of continuing unfinished business with the next person you meet. If you didn't have a chance to truly close the door on your last relationship, don't project your open issues on the next unsuspecting soul. See the new person as a clean slate and allow the relationship to unfold with no connections to your past.

My experience: Don't do that...EVER..... It's not fair!! If you still have a hint of feelings towards your ex, don't even think of starting a new one ok?

Don't Sling Shot your Ex.

It can be very tempting, particularly on lonely nights, to look up your ex or accept an invitation from your ex for a rekindle. The more you fall back on your old ways, the harder it will be to truly move on. Don't fall for the short term satisfaction of a night out or easy hook-up at the expense of stirring up all the hurt from the breakup.

My experience: Even if he said lets go out for a dinner as a friend... *tuttt him*

Apply What You've Learned.

Take out a journal and write down everything that went well versus what could have been better in your relationship. Be honest since you're the only one looking at the entry. What could you do better next time? What positive traits did your ex possess that you should look for in the next relationship, or maybe even incorporate into your own style?

My experience: Ahaha...Oh yes!.... I wrote "THE LONG AND MIGHTY LIST of must haves and must not haves in a man" that X-trail will occasionally ask me.. "Dear where's the list ar?" :))

Talk About Something Else.

Everyone goes through a period of venting to their friends and family about what went wrong and how your ex deserves to go straight to prison (the correct word should be...HELL!!). It's okay to do a little venting, but spare your inner circle from an endless tirade for months at a time. Commit to yourself that the next time you call a close friend, you'll focus exclusively on them. This will help you get out of your head for awhile and start feeling normal again.

My experience: Just don't annoy your poor friends. Yes, no doubt they're there for you but it's kinda bored to hear you repeating how teruk your ex is on every chat session..same old story over and over again...sigh....stop wasting time on this fellow anymore I've said a thousand time.... life goes on....

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Stop crying over him/her,

Because the one for whom you cry,

Does not deserve your tears,

And the one who deserves,

Will never make you cry.......

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