Tuesday, March 27, 2007

We miss big bird...

Aww...isn't she cute?

X-trail loves big bird ...erm..hey, we're talking about the ostrich alright?!. Since we're going out for a little celebration cum once-a-blue-moon indulgence last weekend, he suggested Windmill Subang. We love their black pepper Ostrich steak because it tasted JUST like beef minus the guilt!

Unfortunately, it was out of season and we were told by the waiter to come back in June.... awwww... so disappointing! Luckily, their escargots, cod and sirloin was just as good. Sorry folks, no photo...I was too hungry that evening ;)

Poor darling!! His last piece of ostrich steak at Windmill was 4 years ago....Mmm...I wonder where I can get a slab of ostrich meat around here...

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