Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The 10th anniversary TMX Elmo

I know this is a little silly but yes....I tug X-trail along with me to Toys R Us @ Mid Valley over the weekends just to get myself this little red monster. My favorite puppet among the rest in Sesame Street.

I love the way this little toy giggles and roll on the floor (check out the link) but not for long.... X-trail jokingly tells me a story before he goes home that evening..

He said "Dear, if you put Elmo inside your room...he might wake up in the middle of the night and starts giggling.. Elmo might run around in your room making noises?".

I was thinking...Mmmm ....well, I might consider putting Elmo downstairs instead of my room. BUT what if Elmo knocks on my room door in the middle of the night begging to come inside? Arghhhhhhhhh.....when I open up the door, his eyes begin to glow???? Thanks dearie..you've just made my day!

Elmo's gonna follow mom back to Ipoh on her next visit... MY DECISION'S FINAL....

Anyone interested to have a "Tickle Me *Emo* from Depress-A-ME Street" instead? ;)