Tuesday, May 29, 2007

What would you do for love?

If there is a reason for me to give up something or my time or doing something for my beloved would label as a sacrifice, then there's a good enough reason to justify it, otherwise I wouldn't be necessary--It wouldn't be an option.

Have you ever done things for the one you love that can even be considered completely unreasonable under normal circumstance?

Because love is about all about giving, about selflessness, ever forgiving and all about truly caring for another as if he or she were yourself. It's not sacrifice, it's just love. It is an act coming from the deepest self. True?

Someone wrote this.....
"Our love for one another is imperfect, because we by our nature are imperfect. That being said there are transcendental moments when people can obtain for the slightest moment a glimmer of what pure love is.
I say a glimmer because only God is perfect and able to sustain such love, all we can hope for is the opportunity to experience it in a manner that does not result in our death." - Thanks bro!

So, what would I do for someone I love? As much as I can....

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