Monday, July 30, 2007

AhChoo Sneezeeeeeeeeeee

I had an extremely hectic but fun filled weekend. There were movies to watch, dinner to attend, Aquaria to visit, exhibition to attend, family reunions, train rides and traffic jams to beat. The end result? A running nose, sore throat, a backache, cough and a slight fever this morning. My voice is so sexy now, it makes me want to sing Norah Jones songs at my office cubicle..haha

Since someone told me that "If a person is still able to drive to the clinic to get a MC, that means, he/she is still fit for work". So here am I, spreading the germs at my office before calling it a day. "Ahchooooooooooooo sneeze"...Opps...wipe wipe computer screen!"

So, how's your weekend?

L'abeille's wish list for today "Hot porridge, TVB series, my warm bed and someone to massage my aching body" ....sigh...


Pinky said...

Take MC lah its your entitlement


I went for the sale- its crazy! Check my blog :P i already put your pink rockin-gal award for me :P

( minus the germs)

L'abeille said...

I will take an MC tomorrow if I'm still as sick ;)