Friday, July 27, 2007

How do you manage TIME?

I've the luxury of waking up 'quite late' in the morning during weekdays.....I've heard of people waking up wee hours in the morning just to beat the traffic. So, I'll wake up after my 3rd alarm snooze, unwrap myself from my thick blanklet, spent most of my time in the hot shower, dressing area, have a kick-**s breakie and a hot coffee at home. Warm up my car engine, show Sandy some love & TLC, water the plants. When all chores are done, I'll drive at a decent speed to my office... and YET...I'm never late for work...Okay, don't shoot!! Maybe less than 5 times a year and that 5 times was a planned "delay" because lately, I need to run some [unnecessary] errants. I'm not trying to brag about my little luxurious life. I'm trying to highlight the word TIME MANAGEMENT & PUNCTUALITY. I hate late comers and procrastinators. I don't care if it's just a friend's party, a meeting, a date, a dinner or EVEN WORK. Oh man...that pissed me off the most. Look, this is Kuala Lumpur. They'll always be a jam somewhere. So, stop telling me there's a traffic jam outside your house or your cat ate your underwear this morning! Come on, grow up!
There's always a possibility of a 4 car piled up along the way, a traffic police "conducting" the traffic [the main cause of traffic jam in Malaysia..don't believe me?...ask the Malaysians around you!], a poor little car breaks down along the Federal Highway and people will start to slow down their vehicles to copy down their car registration numbers, who knows, "god of prosperity" might be sending these passerby the "lucky number" through someone else's mishap....
So, since everybody knows that there's a possibility of traffic jam somewhere along the way, why can't people just leave the bl**dy house earlier? Or and give me all the lamest excuses you can come out with if you'll be late...for goodness sick! W-h-y? Plurffff!

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