Sunday, July 15, 2007

All four in me

I was tagged by Memoirs.:*CRoSs mY hEARt*:. , my guardian angel on ways and "correct" methods to blog for some pocket money.

"All four in me" is a good title. It's a very good opportunity for me to introduce myself to my dear 'visitors' and net buddies on who this novice blogger is ;p

Four jobs I have 'had' in my life:

Voice Recording for primary school children's learning cassettes (Repeat after me... "Old oily Ollie oils old autos")

Laundry assistant (You don't want to know what these people bring in to the shop for washing...... yucks!!)

One-leg-kick assistant (Was assisting my parents with our small little shop in Ipoh. What 's my job scope? Helping customers to carry their stuff to their cars and vans, taking care of customer's baby when the parents are doing their 'shopping' in our store, serve tea, closing of month end accounts, selling old cardboards once a week and occasional afternoon naps too! haha)

Opticash Analyst (Taking care of the ATM's cash flow for one of the leading bank in Malaysia & Singapore, "ordering cash" from BNM & on call 24/7 and being the blur CSI whenever there's an ATM robbery)

Four places I have lived:
Sg Besi
Ass Ass 2 (Don't know where? haha...get a map)

Four Countries I have been to on vacation:
Western Australia

Four of my favorite foods:
Everything with strawberry on it!
Fajitas (X-T took me to a Mexican Restaurant on one of my first few 'casual' dates for fajitas... So, ways to a woman's heart is through her stomach too?!?)
Chicken & vegetable stew
Dark chocolates
...oui...4 only ar.... where got enuf??!!

Four places I would rather be right now:
At the spa all covered with mud awaiting for my full body massage
Having tea at Covent Garden
Spending my RM60 voucher at U Parkson.
Being with X-T

Four friends to tag:
I've no friends to tag...pity eh?

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