Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fifteen , London

I believe fans of Jamie Oliver would've heard of Fifteen. As a part time caterer myself and with my sister who's also a die hard fan of his style of cooking. We've made a point to visit his restaurant during our trip to London. Yes, you're right..."DIE DIE ALSO MUST GO"!

This is the entrance to Fifteen, London. It was very far away from the city and it's hidden!. Thank God for reliable map in hand and a few friendly Brits, we manage to find our way there after at least 1.5hours walk from the nearest tube station!

Jamie Oliver the Naked Chief.
(Figure taken at madam tussauds wax museum-Cannot see his real face, wax also can lar)

The staircase down to the washrooms. You'll be able to see posters of Jamie and his apprentice.

The moment we entered the restaurant, our jackets and bags were handed over to one of the waitress at the front door. As we were trying extremely hard to decide what to eat, a wooden bowl filled with yummy hot herb bread was placed in front of us with a plate of Olive oil & Balsamic vinegar... Apa lagi? The two hungry Malaysian tourist were chewing away la. So when the waiter came 5 minutes later... we send him away politely because we've not made up up our mind!

We were too tired after the long walk, the bread served earlier made us even hungrier for more, weather was cold and we were extremely famished. So, I can't recall the name of the dish we ordered. I believe one's cod fish and the other was ravioli...hah! It was superlicious...

[left]Racks filled with sun dried tomatoes and other seasoned vegetables.
[right]The bar area for single diners.

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