Saturday, July 21, 2007

The birds & the bees


Today's posting has got nothing to do with what I did at the bird park or the bee farm, I'm just pissed and I need a place to let it all out... so since someone is so proud of the son's "young achievement" I might as well blog it!

I was having lunch with a few of my married friends recently and I was shocked to hear that one of my friend's son was surfing pornography over the Internet. Well, he knows the password to his dad's cellphone and you think he's playing games with it? WRONG... he knows where all the photos of all the naked ladies are kept in daddy's innocent little mobile! Not only that, he has access to daddy's secret little folders in his laptop containing "daddy's little ME-time videos and photos of erm......arrrgh...I better not elaborate further". Mmm..maybe you think I over reacted on this issue but hey...ladies and gentleman, this young boy is ONLY 4 years old! The mom is so proud her son and she's spreading the news like there's a sale going on at Isetan!

I was pretty disturbed after hearing such news. In fact, I pity the little boy for having to learn the birds & the bees in such manner. What say you?

Maybe I should just compile "her parenting story" and write a book.........

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