Saturday, July 21, 2007

Are you a durian fan?

I love durians. Be it Thai or Malaysian home grown. I love them all. The reason why I'm not indulging these yellow, creamy, sweet fruit often was because 1) the high calorie content and 2) I've no "kakis"(durian fanatics) to enjoy them with me here in KL. X-T is not a fan, my sister? hah! She hates the smell so much..she might even consider leaving town if I'm bringing home some for the weekends! Oh ya, this reminds me of a little durian adventure during my trip to London...

Hear ye, my story...

Drove to Loon Fung , a huge Chinese hyper mart near Greenford because Aunt Mary said there are durians there... (Happy & singing praises on my way to the store!) Lost my way because I didn't bring my map along but hey, after a few turns, I found the place.

Those are my hands letting go of the fruit when I realised that the cheapest range was £1.99/100gm! The bigger, better ones are above £3/100gm!!! Wah...mad! (Drove home with nothing but a bag of Chinese cabbage!). "Someone" was so happy when I let go of the fruit.

~The end~

Anyway.... satisfy my cravings [for a short while], I found a little kiosk right infront of Giant, Sunway Pyramid selling really really good durian pancakes. According to the lady boss, their pancakes were made fresh daily using only the best durians and fresh creme.

But hey...I'm still looking for someone who's ever willing to enjoy these fruits with me. Pathetic huh?

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