Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Debugging mode!


UPDATES: 24th July 2007, 5:30pm


After 5 hours of debugging, I realised that I've been screwing up my HTML codings for quite a while. The accumulated bugs decided to call it a day and give me a blog-attack :S

So, here's BEELIBAALA, back to it's original state, a little renovation and discarding all unwanted codes and all ready to rumble again.

Oh ya...I've added a survey column. Do give me some feedbacks ya?!


BERITA TERKINI: 24th July 2007, 11:05am


Thanks to my itchy hands this morning....Hey, I washed my hands after my pangsai [sh*tting]session this morning Wokey! #%#$%*()@#!

I won't blame luck.... it's just plain carelessness! This will still happen even if I bath for the whole 2 hours this morning. Blurk!

You see ar, I accidentally removed some codes, add in some html codes and now my sidebar is sagging and some codes a missing! Backup? What backup?

Argh..... I must have a set of backups for everything but NO... no... I ain't talking about a backup life partner, you doink!! I'm a self admit Miss Kiasu, I am talking about files, I've a 2nd HD to back up my primary HD and another portable HD as a backup for my primary & 2nd HD hehe...But just because I didn't back up for once, JUST ONCE and I screwed up my blog today.

So I'm back to my debugging mode today...tearing down my html to bite sizes and try to fit it back to it's original state. I hope....

As for now, my dear aunties, uncles, darlings, Ah Soh, Ah Sum and my dear bloggies, please bear with me for a little while if you see everything sagging or a lost link in between, that's Beelibaala in action behind the blog :). Give me a smile will ya?

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