Monday, July 23, 2007

My dog needs a toothbrush?

This is going to be a very embarrassing post. I didn't know that dogs also need to brush their teeth. :p

I thought this "toothbrush" treat will be able to clean Sandy's set of pearly whites! She enjoys her Greenies once a week.

Until....the VET asked how many times do I brush Sandy's teeth per week. "Never", I replied "But......b-u-t I give her Greenies once a week, isn't that supposed to clean her teeth?".

Adui! "Pai seh" [embarrassing]. The vet looks at me with disbelief. Hah! Sandy's starting to have tartar and her mouth sticks! Gosh, this is so embarrassing. I bought her a set of doggie dental care. Goodness it's RM27/set and the sad thing is, dogs are not allowed to use toothpaste we human use!!!

How much is a tube of human toothpaste and an Oral B toothbrush again?!?

Here's Sandy having her first brush after 6 years ...Sorry babe!

Please ignore that pity little face. She's not sick

She's at the vet waiting for the doctor to do a check-up on her before I sign the boarding papers (the night before my recent holiday). She'll always..ALWAYS give me this "look" whenever I'm leaving for work, holidays or even talking to X-T!

This is the photo taken on the day I took her back from boarding. Yeah, she's smiling all the way home with a paw on my shoulder throughout the whole journey!


Judy Chow said...

She know how to jealous already...go tag her along pak tor....haha..

L'abeille said...

Aiks...tag her along? X-T will be jealous hehe...