Friday, July 06, 2007

I luv PayPerPost!

I've started blogging actively for the past 2 year. Thought I'm not a pro blogger myself (yet!) and I've yet to earn my first 4 figure income writing blogs. Blogging has become part of my lifestyle. Be it a nice vacation, a delicious dish I had in a fancy restaurant or even a happy event in my life, I'll blog.

Apart from writing my own blog, I've been reading articles from other bloggers too. Through this channel, I've met a few great online friends who shares the same passion. One of my buddy told me about recently. A site that pays you as you blog. You might want to check it out at ads on blogs.

I signed up with PayPerPost today and I was shocked to see the "open opportunities" available on the board. All I need to do is pick the topic that I like and start writing!

Wow... now I can enjoy blogging and earn a small income out of it? I'm killing two birds with one stone! haha...

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