Friday, July 06, 2007

Crows are evil?

Here's an email from my bf at work today. (in verbatim)

Hey dear.

Do you think crows are evil? I went to the carpark just now to get something from my X-T. Upon reaching it, a crow perched on a sprinkler pipe above my baby was making lotsa noise. I shooed it away - please note it flew away reluctantly.

Looking at the spot directly below where the cretin was standing on, was a pile of doo doo - still wet and pasty - like your sister's coloring agent. I wiped it off with tissue papers. After finishing this undesirable task, I spotted another one on the either side - this one is a bit dry already. I wipe this away too. FYI, these doo doos landed on the left and right headlamps - if they were having target practices, I'd give them full marks.

Then I got my stuff. Before locking to leave, the lotsa noise cretin was making lotsa noise again, this time somewhere behind. I looked at it, and it was looking back at me. I have a feeling the noise it's making is attracting other members of his/her kind. Therefore, I moved my car to another spot.

My conclusion: crows are definitely evil.


Beelibaala: "Haha... oui burung! (bird), didn't your mamma ever warn you guys never to mess with my baby's baby?"

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