Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Kampar Curry & Herbal Chicken Bun

I'm still having my flu and my voice is just awesomely sexy..ahem..... I'm sitting at my desk having a bowl of tasteless porridge for lunch and I decided to blog about something more appetizing.

*scoping another spoon full of tasteless porridge into my mouth*

Thanks to Ms Lee's boyfriend, he bought us two big buns all the way from Kampar, Perak last week.

Curry chicken bun & Herbal chicken bun

Here's how the buns looked like before they were being 'attacked' .. haha

First, we had the Herbal Chicken bun. I found 1/2 a chicken in the bun, pieces of kei chi, tong kwai root, Chnese mushrooms and some other Chinese herbs. The chicken was tender and you'll love the taste if you like shark fin soup because of the gluey gravy. The bread was soft and springy too!

Here's my share. Tear a piece of bread, scope some chicken, mushrooms and gravy onto the bread and enjoy while it's still piping hot.

*Argh... scope another spoonful of porride into my mouth* plufff**

Next, we had the curry chicken bun. This is the best! Sorry about the mess. Someone was alittle bit too impatient hah! It contains big chunks of potato and chicken, the gravy? Mmm...heavenly!

How big is the bun? I think it's about 28cm X 16cm. 1 bun should be able to feed 4-5 adults unless you're a hog like us (5 adults sapu 2 buns in 1 hour 15 minutes). Madless!

*Ok now will you please excuse me while I finish my tasteless bowl of porridge*

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David said...

Kampar Curry Chicken Bun really ROCKS!!! I LOVE them...

And thanks for the tag..i just got them and will get it done tomorrow...