Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Life of Richard Clayderman

I thought Uncle Richard was gay when I was a little girl....tsk tsk

Richard Clayderman speaks about his music and his life while giving a perspective of how he practices.

Note: Richard Clayderman spoke in French, and his words was dubbed by Olivier Toussaint's voice, the man who started Delphine Records with Paul de Senneville.

Richard Clayderman - Chinese Garden (with Shao Rong)

This masterpiece brings back some sweet childhood memories. Me, the little girl with two pony tail running around the house garden, having tea parties with a few of my cotton filled imaginary friends namely Tweety-the yellow birdy, Vincent-my imaginary 'son', Adrian-my imaginary 'husband' (Adrian was actually a 30cm tall puppy dog!! hah!). My imaginary 'family' was living happily until my dear sister came along to this world and rip my son's head, cut my 'husband's bulu..erm..i mean fur and drowned my poor Tweety bird!! duh....

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