Thursday, July 12, 2007

Online shopping

*This is a sponsored post*

I found out that my boyfriend's a shopaholic too but his style of shopping is very much different from me. I used to walk around the mall, hopping from one retail shop to another, comparing prices and memorizing the product colour and model code. It's very time consuming, not to mention the sore feet after the shopping sessions.

I asked him how could it be possible for him to sit and shop at home, always get the best deal on all his purchases. He revealed the secret that he has been shopping online using online coupons. There are more than a thousand online retail stores in there.

Since seeing is believing, I surfed online coupons to check it out myself. He should have told me way earlier about the discounts I'm about to get if I were to shop via online coupons!!!

See what I found.....

Since I was about to buy myself a KitchenAid mixer, I was surprised to know that Target is giving away $5 OFF on my $50 order at checkout. Not only that, shipping is free for purchases over $50.

Apart from that, I'll also be getting some Linens from Linens 'n Things (Oh yes, I'm obsessed with bedsheets!) and some black & white truffle butter from igourmet (It's not easy to buy or find truffles off-the-shelf here in Malaysia and I found it at online coupons) Amazingly convenient!

Saving the hassle of going downtown to get the things I need and getting it at a discounted rate online? That's what we called a smart shopper ;)

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