Thursday, July 12, 2007

Cameron Highlands (Part 1) -The Journey

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X-T didn't expect that his baby will be in for a tough "obstacle course" starting from Saturday morning. We drove all the way to Simpang Pulai to meet up with my parents to go up Cameron Highlands together.

That very morning, his left wheel rolled over a pile of cow dung on our way out to the Highway from my house. I believe the pile is rather huge because it splashes all over the mud flaps, covered the tires and some even sticked to the doors. *Blurks*

As we arrived Simpang Pulai, X-T decided to fill up the gas tank before going uphill. As he was about to open his car door to enter the car, he found bird poo on the car handle... DRIED and covering the whole handle.... *hah! must be his lucky day* & this is not the first time ya know!.. haha

The excitement begins when we need to travel on a narrow and bumpy road to Mrs Chong's vegetable farm.

We were following dad's 4WD from the back. Bumpy! bumpy! bum... bum...

First it was the cow dung and bird shit, what's next? YUP...a punctured tyre. One of his tyres were nailed. We believe she must've got it from bumpy narrow farm road. Grrr...

The nail was removed and we drove all the way up to the BOH tea plantation. It was a very dangerous drive. The road up the plantation was EXTREMELY narrow. I wish we never made that decision to drive up that crazy road.....not worth risking my life to go up a TEA plantation.....I'm a COFFEE person!

Surprisingly, our little "off road" adventure was kinda fun. X-T's 4WD went through "sh*tty" pile of dung, the rain, the shine, the bumps, the mud and a punctured tyre. Apart from all these , all the car needed was a little wash..OK it wasn't a normal wash, the car took a whole 2 hrs wash and some TLC after the trip and she's back on track, sparkling clean once again!

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