Thursday, July 12, 2007

Pingo International Calling Cards

Almost all of my uncles and aunties migrated overseas and are currently staying at different parts of the world. Some went to Australia, two in UK, few in Singapore, USA and I just got to know one just left for Cape Town, South Africa! My family's huge huh?

Before knowing there's actually a cheaper way to communicate with them using phone card international, I write snail mails. You must be asking why not emails? Sad to say not all of them check their emails as frequent as most of us do. Soon, we begin to lost touch because we're too busy to write to each other anymore and it's too expensive to call each other.

I made a point to call them during Christmas or Lunar Year Holidays. I'll be happy to hear their voices over the phone knowing that they're well but soon after, I'll receive the heart aching phone bill at the end of the month.

I was so excited when I got to know about PINGO phone card international . I've checked out their calling rates to Australia and United Kingdom and the calls are as low as 7.3cent/minute.

To start using their services, just sign up here using your credit card or you can even choose to register using your PayPal.
So, with such cheap international calling rates, I need not wait to call them during the festive seasons anymore. Talk about cheap calls, Mmm...maybe I should tell Aunt Mary in UKabout my pregnant goldfish tonight? hehe..

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