Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Streamyx's the BEST!


Logo taken from hanief's blog and I totally agree with thee

Guess I've been calling 1300-88-9515 (the scream-my ass hottline) at night more than my bf cellphone. The downtime of my broadband is longer than the uptime for the past few months.

I've memorised every single word these "parrots" mumbles on the helpline
Their pre-programmed phrases ....

"Miss, I need you to do me a favor, please turn off your modem for 10 minutes, turn it on again. If you still can't connect, please call us again"

"Miss, I need you to do a "DIRECT CONNECTION". Bypass the router"
"Is your DSL blinking??"

and when you've answered all three questions...they'll continue with the usual...

I can't help you from here. Maybe it's the storm. (WHAT the .............? Eh nowadays where got's so hazy and more haze to come!) We'll have to sent the technician, please wait, I'll give you "YET ANOTHER REPORT NUMBER" ()$&*#&(*

Nowadays, when I call, I'll do MY TALKING first before allowing the parrot across the line to throw me questions (in verbatim)......

"Hello, my user name is "xxxxxxxx", this is the X time I've called (yes...I keep track on the number of calls I made to tmnut). My line is usually down in the evenings and the weekends. There's no storm here-only haze!, my modem and router is working fine. The stupid DSL is NOT BLINKING, in fact, I can't even remember when was the last time it glows! I've done the DIRECT connection. I've restart my modem a few times. The "routine" you usually ask us poor callers to do every time they call in- I DID ALL ALREADY!"

These parrots will have nothing else to say or ask... so again, they'll issue me another "REPORT NUMBER" and ends the conversation with "Thank you for calling TMNUT"

Did the technician call? NEVER.....somehow report number will be auto deleted from their "system" the minute your streamyx line's up 2 days later for a precious 30 minutes. Just when I successfully cool down my room to my ideal temperature, slipped into my comfy nighties and turn on my PC...... YES're right, the line's down again and I'll need to call these parrots again for ANOTHER REPORT NUMBER!!!!


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