Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Yee Kee Seremban Beef Noodles

My primary school classmate is opening a beef noodle restaurant in Seremban this coming Saturday, 28th July 2007. Yes, you heard me right! We're still keeping in touch after so many years. Well, thanks to wedding parties and class reunions. A time to exchange business cards, phone numbers and MSN nicks brought us all back together.

His deprivation for delicious food at our school canteen made him a chef! Ngek!

So, here's a sneak preview of all the yummylicious dishes served at Yee Kee

Yee Kee Seremban Mix Beef

Yee Kee Seremban Beef Noodle

Yee Kee Seremban Beef Noodle In Soup

Yee Kee Beef Jerky Rice

According to him, Yee Kee will also be serving Nasi Lemak and other dishes but he highlighted that I must try his wife's sambal because it's "hot". Mmm.... I shall allow the duo to surprise me on my next visit to Seremban!

So, my dearest KL buddies, free to take a drive down to Seremban this weekend? To those who're staying in Seremban, you know where you're heading to this weekend lah!

Here's the location map
[I don't know where is the place but when I'm ready to travel down for a bowl of Beef noodle, I believe I should be able to sniff my way there!]

Congratulations on your grand opening!


socrates rudy sirait said...

Hi, thanks for the link... I'll put a link in my web too...

The food looks so yummy... hmm.... makes me hungry...

Judy Chow said...

Look yummilicious...I roughly know where is it..that is the town area.