Thursday, July 26, 2007

Typing mistakes can be dangerous & why we must always proof read?

*An email I received this morning. Something to share with my dear readers*

  • A daughter sent a telegram to her father on passing her B.Ed exams,which the father received as "Father, your daughter has been successful in BED."
  • A husband, while on a business trip to a hill station sent a telegram to his wife "I wish you were here." The message received by the wife was"I wish you were her."
  • A man wanted to celebrate his wife's Birthday by throwing a party. So he ordered a birthday cake.The salesman asked him what message he wanted put on the cake.He thought for a moment and said, "put getting older but you are getting better". The salesman asked "how do you want me to put it?" The man said 'Well... put "You are getting older" at the top and "but you are getting better" at the bottom.'When the cake was unveiled at the party all the guests were a ghast at the message on the cake.It read : "You are getting older at the top, but you are getting better at the bottom"

Morals of the Story:

  1. Double proof read everything before you send.
  2. NEVER trust others to write it, write/type for you.

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Anonymous said...

lol that's really funny haha