Thursday, August 16, 2007

32 sentences that starts with "I"

You underage young cousin sister tagged me. You see lar,I was just just wiping his poo changing her nappy few years back and now she's so big oredi...start to tag her old grown up cousin sister now...Why such a revenge? I wipe your backside too hard meh? O.0

32 sentences using the alpabert "I" and must include "X-T" in this tag wor... definately NOT easy lar...

  2. I want to take this opportunity to thank all my readers. My motivation to blog comes from you.
  3. I don't know what else to write anymore...I'm still stucked at number 3.
  4. I am going to meet up with X-T tonight to open up the parcel. [Pls refer to earlier post]
  5. I want to watch Ratatooee...
  6. I want a new pair of dancing shoes boots but money-no-enuf!!!
  7. I am deprived of a good vacation.
  8. I need to drink at least 7 glasses of water a day but I end up drinking more.
  9. I want ice-cream this weekend. ROARRRRRR!
  10. I want that USD500 paid post but it turns out greyed[post reserved by someone else] by the time I clicked the accept button.
  11. I thought why not just accept the USD50 post instead but it's greyed out too!!
  12. I end up writing all those 5-10 dollar ikan billis post instead! *#&$(*#&$*@
  13. I think I've "wants" more than "needs"
  14. I think I'm addicted to blogging.
  15. I think I'm not able to drink a whole can of Coke by myself anymore. Too gassy.Donno why!
  16. I cannot stop drinking coffee pulak...Sigh...
  17. I miss my mommy
  18. I miss my daddy
  19. Innitially, I thought this tag was difficult, actually it's kinda easy
  20. I am going to shake booty again this evening at the gym.
  21. I love my 21st birthday 'look'. I look so young and innocent haha..
  22. I hate procrastinators
  23. I am very happy because X-T's mommy gave me the secret to a make nice roast turkey. To my dear Christmas guest!...See ya this coming Christmas ;)
  24. I think I need to buy Sandy some dog chowtonight or else she'll be starving. [bad owner!]
  25. I never believe in luck or fate.
  26. I must learn to sleep longer hours a day during the night to avoid premature aging.
  27. I luv my new car.
  28. I was betrayed at this age but have you ever heard that "If a woman steals your man away, the best revenge is to let her keep him?"...well, it's kinda 29...
  29. If #28 never happen at the age of 28, I won't get a chance to meet X-T...
  30. I'm looking forward to be 30 ....NOT!
  31. I want Fajitasssssssss...

Exactly 32 sentences in 20 minutes!

My dear hot ladies...Pinky, Sweetpea, Judy, Sasha your turn...

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