Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pos Malaysia FINALLY Boleh!

*Pos Malaysia FINALLY Boleh! - National Courier Service made my day!*

As I was sipping my cuppa morning coffee last Friday, X-T gave me the usual morning call at his office. He said he bought 'something' from Ebay Malaysia the night before. Being the kiasi girlfriend, I'm not worried that the seller is going to con him by not sending that "something" over to us but I'm more worried if that 'something' will arrive in it's proper condition.

It's been quite a while since I used NATIONAL COURIER because I've experienced missing love letters, Christmas fruitcakes and even original DVDs and books. When I call them, they just couldn't locate my parcel! As for the cake..well it arrives with a few missing pieces....

Well, since that 'something' is very expensive important, I was sooOOooo going to make sure it arrives at my office.

First I request X-T to ask for the tracking number from the seller. Eh, do you know you can actually track your parcel through Pos Malaysia website? You can even call their HOTLINE at 1300-300-300 if their online system's not updated.

I called up yesterday to confirm the exact location of the parcel with my ahem...damsel in distress "sound" mode. Let's call him "Mr Erk" because throughout the whole conversation, he kept repeating the word "Erk....erk...erk..."

"Sir, please help me...the package needs to arrive by this week...pwesssss pwesssss, tolong ya? To-lo-longng-g-g-g-g"

Guess what? This morning hor... Mr. Erk called me PERSONALLY to inform that my parcel will arrive in an hour time. He gave me an option to collect from the depot if I need the package urgently but I requested him to deliver instead. Some more hor, he wished me "GOOD MORNING" so politely, Some more hor, he address me by my name in a proper pronunciation...aiseh man...

What impresses me was...they came as promised..exactly ONE HOUR LATER, with a cheerful smile on the postman's face and the box still in proper condition ..........erm...Contents unknown YET but that, we'll have to deal with the seller himself if it contains "stones" later tonight..haha

Thanks Mr. Erk. I didn't expect Pos Malaysia to actually make follow up calls. Bravo... Pos Malaysia..
Oui....TMNUT, you learned a new sentence today "F-O-L-L-O-W U-P CALLS!!" Don't pandai-pandai close my call report when problem's unresolved!
So what's that 'something'? I shall allow X-T to review The Secret soon...


Lemonjude said...

Wah! so big box of present for you.

Pos Malaysia how come so nice now...complains makes service improve?

L'abeille said...

Present for me? Fatt mong lah! hehe..

I didn't complain..I started to track the parcel as soon as the seller posted that "something" and make sure Pos Malaysia updates me on the status of the parcel...