Friday, August 24, 2007

8 Random Facts about My Mum

Judy wants to know 8 facts about the most important woman in my life. My mom...

  1. She's only 20 years older than me. She married young and had me [her first princess] 2 years after marrying to moi dad. 6 years later, princess number 2 came along.

  2. She said she loves daughters. If both of us were boys many many years ago, she will continue to 'make more' babies until she gets a girl. *phew*

  3. She's assisting my dad in our family business.

  4. She's a very intelligent lady, wish I can learn from her..especially the way she deals with the business and clients.

  5. She doesn't have a driving license but she's blessed to have a husband that can drive her anywhere she want to go. Dad never complains...

  6. She believes nothing is impossible. She encourages sis and I to live our dreams. Make it happen!

  7. Mom and I had alot to talk to each other. We must communicate over the phone everyday. If I don't call, she'll call. hehe... *sweet*

  8. She constantly reminds us to respect our future parent in-laws, even thought we're still VERY VERY single NOW...*eyes rolling* She'll turn naggy if we said "remind me again when we're married". hehehe

So, how about telling me about your lovely mothers

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Sweetpea said...

hi hi, i've done this one leh :P
but i've added your name in the post :)