Friday, August 03, 2007

Big Bird is backkkkkk!

Eh...Can you still remember I beelibaala-ed about big bird somewhere in March 2007? No... no... no... big bird is NOT X-T...just in case you guys jumped to conclusion again. I was ranting about how nice the ostrich a.k.a big bird steak served at Windmill Restaurant but during that time, ostrich was out of season and we end up eating moo moo instead.

Guess what? I called up Windmill Subang today and the waiter said it's back in season. Woo hoo...can't wait to tell X-T about the good news. Don't worrry, we'll be GENTLE with the bird! Muahahaha. We're going for the steak..what are we going to do with the feathers?

Baby Hairy Bertoia chair (cute eh?)

A yellow chair? Buahahahahah...
Have a delicious weekend my dear readers!

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