Monday, August 20, 2007

Bringing the elderly on a vacation...

You should have looked at the sparks on my grandfather's eyes the moment my dad told him about the news that my sister and I will be accompanying him to Taiwan this coming October for a vacation.
I remembered when I was a little girl, my grandparents are always on the go! He used to travel around the world with grandma who loves to travel as much as him. Both of them will sign up with the tour agencies and travel across the globe for weeks. Occasionally, grandparents will even tag me along on short distance vacations. How blessed am I!

Few years back, grandma had a leg surgery and she's having difficulty walking for years. As for grandpa, due to his commitment to take care of grandma, he stopped travelling. We knew deep inside his heart, he still loves to see the world.

So, of course sister and I was really happy that we've the privilege to bring our dear grandpa to go on vacation again but we're just worried. We don't really want to join a tour. Grandpa is just too old to wake up wee early in the morning and walk for hours. He gets tired after a long walk, how can he cope with the rest of the energetic tourist in the group? To those who has been on a tour before, you'll understand what I'm trying to tell here. We're not sending grandpa on a army camp. We want him to enjoy this trip the relaxing way. So, I'm doing a little early preparation here to customise a trip that suits an elderly. Let's forget about joining a tour, we're heading on a free and easy trip.

I'll be making my flight bookings, car rental and Hotel Reservations through I was doubly happy when I found out that the hotel rates are very reasonable.
We will also be renting a car during our stay in Taiwan. I remember how grandpa enjoyed his ride during our recent trip in London. So, I'll be doing the same this coming trip. I believe grandpa can take his own sweet time enjoying the scenic view of Taiwan as our philosophy is "Got map can travel".
With, I believe it's going to be a stress free and pleasant journey for the three of us.
Oh by the way, I really need to remind you that they're also giving away rebate coupons for hotel bookings and gas rebates for car rental.

2 comments: said...

when exactly will you be in Taiwan? which part of Taiwan will you be at?
guess what? i'll also be in taiwan from 1-oct for abt 1-2weeks there on biz trip...again :( sobs sobs...
Hopefully can meet up with u there... let me know more...take care for now and cheers!
Adrian Lim

L'abeille said...

Hi Adrian,

I'll be there next month. 18th-22nd October 2007.