Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lumut, Perak: First 1/2 of day 1

X-T was required to be at Lumut to do a site survey for a day. So, being the kay poh chi (busy body girlfriend) partner...I followed ...muahaha. After all, I need a break from work and hey, it's actually fun to follow him around analyzing the plot of land. Oil and Gas industries sounds alienated to me in the was truly an eye opener for me who's used to sitting in the office from 9 to 5! Thank goodness X-T was patient enough to answer all my silly questions hah!

My first impression of Lumut... tall grass, no sight of beaches, dusty, clogged drain and sexy sweaty man at work.

X-T [in green] was at site with the surveyor. Hey you notice or not? NO HAZE, the sky is so clear hor?

My man's STILL taking photos of the drain?!

Since X-T need to return to the site to take some photographs, we had a quick lunch at one of the coffee shops around the town area. The food was so cheap and delicious. Chicken rice and drinks for two of us cost only MYR7.60. Good heavens!

What?!? MYR3.00 for a plate of roast chicken and char siew rice? And it's YUMMY too! Oh boy, I'm so gonna miss the price tag when I return to the city..

It was indeed a fruitful day for X-T as he was able to complete a few task, 'discovered' some flaws at the site and meet up with the people he's supposed to meet. In the other hand, I enjoyed accompanying him.

And now...time for OUR TIME! Good bye work day, HELLO VACATION!

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