Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Lumut, Perak:The Resort

Orient Star Resort Hotel, Lumut

I asked for beach view NOT coconut tree view wor!

Heaven on earth!

Pool side view. This resort was basically empty because the school holidays just ended the day before we arrived. Perfect peaceful place to unwind!

We were searching high and low for Kampung Koh Seafood restaurants that evening but end up landing ourselves at a Karaoke restaurant cum 'papaya farm' with lots of "China dolls". X-T was a little suspicious the minute I requested for crabs and they said they don't have any but because we were hungry and it's getting late, we just ordered whatever they have. Looking at old grandfathers [lou yam chung] partying with woman 1/2 their age was somehow an unpleasant. Sigh, what a sight...what a sight! Luckily the food wasn't that bad and it only cost us MYR14 for mantis prawns, fried noodles and a plate of stir fried vegetable. Cheap eh? Got free "show" some more...where to find?

No photos taken during dinner as we're so afraid that these old man will think that their wives sent us over as spies....haha. Getting hit on the head with a beer bottle isn't an ideal way to start a vacation... so we hide the camera and enjoy the 'view' and the food...tsk tsk tsk

We had the quickest dinner ever, paid the bill and drove back to the hotel.

We took a walk along the jetty which was just 2 minutes walk from the resort. Boy, I miss the breeze as I'm writing about it now!

Ok lah, enough of grandmother story for today. I'll tell you what we did the next day..

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