Sunday, August 12, 2007

Office turning into a florist?

*This is NOT a sponsored post*

It was almost lunch time and flowers and gifts kept pouring into our office was this...

And next, this came with a 'virtual kiss'..ahem..

Later..we saw theseeeee... argh..Patchi chocolates!! In a school bus tin and soft toy? *sigh...melted my wooden heart*....*faint*

Our office conference room was filled with these...

Because it was Emi the preggy mommy's birthday!
[photo posted with birthday gurl's approval]

So sad to hear that she's leaving us after her confinement beginning of next year because she needs to spend more time with her boy boy and hopefully the new born baby girl. Sigh, who's going to "gaduh"[quarrel] with me when she leaves jek!!!

Anyway, all the best to you and may you have a smooth-h-h-h-h delivery.

Happy Birthday!

Psst.... do you like those flowers? The florist belongs to Emi's sister. Check out her website @ Dreaming Daisies....but as for the need to get them from Patchi..? This is not a paid post so, go search at Google lah!!

*This is NOT a sponsored post*

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