Sunday, August 26, 2007

One great weekend and a teary goodbye

The long wait has ended. Gideon, my 8 year old cousin brother from England is finally back to Malaysia for a holiday. He stayed at my place for a night.

We celebrated my dad and my aunt's birthday which falls on August.
(The cheerful looking boy my dad's hugging is Gideon)

Right after we sung the birthday song, the cheeky little boy blew the candles instead!..
*all of us had a good laugh*

He looked so excited as I gave him the Transformer's toy. He said, "Wicked, it's Trans-FOR-MERS"

It took him a few minutes to assemble one of the 3 robots...which erm...I tried transforming one of the autobots and it kinda too me forever and X-T came for my rescue.. *hides face*

My sis gave him a book on "100 Science experiments". He just can't wait to get his hands dirty trying out those experiments when he returns to England.

We had Japanese buffet at Shogun Japanese Restaurant.

The adults was having fun running around the buffet table but Gideon was playing with his toy the whole evening.

It was indeed a teary goodbye as we hugged each other tight while sending him to his uncle's home this afternoon. I'll need to wait for another two years to see him again..unless I make a trip down to London .. sob sob...

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Sweetpea said...

that young man is your dad? no joke?! ish! you must be dang young!!

Sweetpea said...

by the way, you're tagged :P

L'abeille said...

Dad's 50 this year... Moi's 29 oredi ler...

That's the advantage of marrying young ;)