Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Transformers Frenzy!

"I found it..I found it...I found it!....."

Do you know how difficult is it to get Transformers Toys after the Transformers Movie Mania? I promised my cousin brother Transformers robots. Well, a promise is a promise. We've been looking for these 'plastics' at Parkson, Jusco and even Toys R Us Subang but What's left are those tiny die cast modals and guns. FINALLY, we found something we were looking for at Toys R Us Mid Valley and it's the LAST BOX LEFT. Gosh.. ! *rub rub sore feet*

Aww... we were every parent's enemy that day. X-T was wrapping his arm around the last piece of overpriced toy and a mother walk up to us to ask where did they display the toy X-T was holding in his hands. We told her it's the last piece left on the shelf ... *evil grin*. A dad was scrolling along the "Boys action toys" section asking "Where are all the Transformers!!".

Seriously, I saw evil stares across the heaps of overstocked Power Ranger toys from a few 4 year old little boys that day *It was a scary scary experience for me*

Now you know why I asked X-T to hold on to the box instead of me...MUAHAHA....

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