Monday, August 13, 2007

Perfect way to store business cards

Are you keeping your client's business cards in a proper and organized manner? Well, I believe everybody keeps their client's contact in plastic name card boxes arranged in alphabetical order.

Though it may look neat but I'm still not really happy with my existing storage method. I don't know about you but my client contacts are increasing every year. Naturally, I'll need to get myself more and more plastic name card boxes! So far, I've a collection of 6 big plastic business card storage boxes hidden in my office drawer. It's so stressful and I hate it whenever I've to manually flip through these business cards by the hundreds just to drag out a contact information. It's really frustrating and it's such a waste of time.

Now storing all these information was made easy. Thank God for technology advancement. Scanshell-Store is selling business card scanner. You may be curious to know what is so special about these scanners. These unique business card scanner is fully integrated to Microsoft Outlook. Which means, you'll not need to waste your time keying in business card information one by one into your Outlook contact list anymore. Furthermore, it's definitely going to save me time in searching through the entire stack of "Stephens" to get to the Stephen I needed by searching through my Outlook contact list in seconds!

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