Monday, August 13, 2007

La Manila Cafe, Mid Valley

After hours of shopping around Mid Valley..yeah I know, it's rare to see X-T at shopping complexes.. Since he allows me to publish his very very veryyyyyy old photo of him wearing his "kum si mau specs" (gold framed glasses), I should've taken a photo of him with all the shopping bags that day. No..those shopping bags are not mine, they're all presents for our love ones..tsk tsk could YOU...YOU and YOU even think I'm such mean girlfriend wor!! ahem....

L'abeille: Hon, I feel weird walking at shopping malls today lah.

X-T: Why eh?

L'abeille: It's like walking down memory lane..

X-T: How come ar?

L'abeille: Because ever since I started to go out with you, I've stopped my weekly window shopping liao lor. Now that I get a chance to walk, I don't know how to start.
(I've a feeling like I wanna buy what I need "quickly" and head home "immediately"...OH NO! I've changed..I've changed!!!) Can you still remember my 9 hrs marathon back in 2005?

X-T: ...............................

*Actually hor, X-T sort of "weaken my purchasing power for quite a while". Less shopping trips = I can save more $$$ = Therefore have more money to invest in more expensive useful stuff OR was it because he's been pampering me with most of the things I need?..Ok..I'm a bit confused now*

We're quite spontaneous when it comes to dining outside. We usually avoid:-

  • crowded or empty restaurants
  • dirty cafes/restaurants

So, after a tiring day walking up and down the mall, we somehow landed ourselves at La Manila Cafe because Little Penang was just too crowded. Guess what? It wasn't a bad choice afterall. The price was reasonable and the waiter/waitresses were quite attentive.

We randomly ordered..

(Somehow I realised that X-T will order Otak-otak everywhere he goes..)

Curry Chicken Rice for X-T

Assam Laksa for L'abeille

Oh ya, you should try their Soursop with guava juice. It's very refreshing!

La Manila CafeMid Valley Megamall
Tel: +603-22832122

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. ĆäřMën . said...

my friend's uncle is da owner of da shop ^^