Thursday, August 02, 2007

That EVIL-yellow-squarish-flu tablet

I slept too much, No...I don't think I was even sleeping, I was drugged!!! I woke up at 08:00 on the 1st Aug 2007 , had breakfast and went to the doctor. Returned home with a bag full of drugs.

The medication knocked me out and I dozed off at around 13:00. What time did I regained consciousness? Well, around 17:00. I was only semi conscious and my head was still spinning.

I took a warm shower, had a piece of bread, had my medication and YES...I lost my consciousness again. I can't even remember what I mumbled over the phone with X-T. *sorry dear...Did I actually call you X-T or E-T?!?...buahaha*

At 20:20, X-T came with a packet of porridge from my favourite stall. Unfortunately, I was not able to stomach even 1/2 a bowl. As soon as he left, I continued with my sleeping marathon from 21:35 all the way to 08:00 on the 2nd August 2007.

It's approximately 17hrs 30 minutes of sleep! Geezz.....

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Judy Chow said...

good that the doc give you unconscious med, else your hand still stick on keyboard..blogging..