Friday, August 17, 2007

"What time is it?"

Lately, I realised that my 80 years old grandpa has been asking people around him "What time is it?" whenever we go out to the park or window shopping. Initially, I thought he wasn't wearing a watch on his wrist but I was wrong. He was actually wearing a wrist watch but the numbering on the watch was just too tiny for him. Oh dear, my poor old man!

I think on his coming birthday, I will consider buying my grandfather a brand new watch with BIGGER numbering so that he won't strain his eyes anymore. I saw a few beautiful Seiko Watches at They are discount retailer for Nixon, Seiko, Timex and Casio G-Shock as well as Prada and Arnette sunglasses.

I just can't wait to make him happy this coming birthday!

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