Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What's your ideal evening after a stressful day at work?

..L'abeille's ideal world..

Nothing's more satisfying than sitting at home right after a stressful day at work, two legs hanging on top of a cushioned leg rest, one hand holding on to the TV remote and another hand doing NOTHING. The glass door was wide open next to you as you enjoy the view of the huge green garden outside your house. Oh ...the evening breeze was gently stroking your face as you enjoy the sunset view and the little kids cycling across the streets. Because you're just too relaxed, you fell asleep on the lazy chair knowing that as soon as you wake up, dinner will be ready at the table. So nice hor? *Woi...L'abeille's dreaming!!*

..Here's what I did in reality...

The minute I arrived at my gate, my dog left me with a pile of 'chocolate cake'. Cleaned up the mess, sanitizes both hands and start to cook dinner. Boil a pot of anchovies soup. While waiting for the soup, I dumped a load of dirty laundry inside the washing machine, soak some vegetables in salt water, marinate some minced pork. Return to my pot of anchovies soup to give it a little stir and add in salt and pepper. Ran outside my house again because I realised that I'd forgotten to feed Sandy [my dog]. Minutes later, I returned to my kitchen, sanitized my hands for the second time and start rolling those meat balls into 50cent coins dumping them one by one into the stock. An hour later, the meat ball soup is ready. The vegetable's washed and everything's ready for dinner, I went out to my garden to do a little gardening while waiting for X-T. I think I'm mad to do all these on a weekday...

Mee suah with pork ball and organic greens

My comfort food after a stressful day at work and maybe to cure PMS too!..

So what's yours?

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