Thursday, September 20, 2007

After a stressful and tiring day at work.............

.........all I need to do is to return to my
comfort zone in the evening to receive
a warm "welcome home" hug
with that "I miss you" look from her.

I know I'm ready for yet another stressful tomorrow...

"Oui lady, I gave you that pity-me look.
Now where is my treat?! grrrrrrrr"


Gallivanter said...

What breed is that? Golden? If it is, have you been using it to mop the floor? :-P

L'abeille said...

She's an English Cocker Spaniel.Haha..

I wish she will mop the floor for me but unfortunately all she did was sleeping the whole day until I return from work. Lazy bum bum! ;)

Trinity said...

Hai! I don't have any pet at home except fish.. :-) I think it will be difficult to have a long holiday if we have pets at home. :-)


L'abeille said...

Hi Trinity,

Thanks for dropping by :)

Well, as for me..I'll usually send Sandy for boarding while I'm away on my vacation. As for your fishes, you can actually buy those automatic feeding timer sold at pet shops.

Everybody needs a little break away from work ;)

PEARLY said...

hi sandy is so cute la , I am the same when I come back from work my little pussy will fellow me every way until i pick him up and hug him , heheehhehe your sandy is so lovely my steph will love to have one she will glad to look after for you , having pet is fun but when we going away we have a big problem with my 4 cat ??

L'abeille said...

If you're in Malaysia, I'm glad to share Sandy with Steph for some fun!

Wow 4 cats???? That's really a handful. How about boarding? I taichi mine to the 'pets hotel' whenever I'm going for a break. :)