Thursday, September 20, 2007

All WORK and No PLAY Makes Carol a dull girl

My cousin Carol who's staying alone in Australia called and told me that she's basically living a robotic lifestyle lately. All she could think of is work and deadlines to meet! Guess what? She even woke up on a Sunday morning thinking it was already Monday.

She jumped out of bed, dressed up and drove all the way to the office. Parked her car, took the lift to her office unit and realised that the main door was locked. Still thinking why everyone else is so late that day, she walked down to hunt for the building's maintenance guy for the keys to her office. She was shocked to to be told that it was actually the weekends by the security guard downstairs. Well, it's kinda embarrassing huh?

I told her she definitely needs a break but she told me she's too tied up at the moment for a long holiday. I suggested city breaks. Just a few days away from work would definitely help her to recuperate from her overly stressed up lifestyle. To minimize the stress of arranging for an air ticket, I will be helping her to book her air tickets via DialAFlight to Hong Kong for 3 days. She will be flying over to Kuala Lumpur to meet me for a day or two. Next, both of us will be flying together to Singapore for another round of retail therapy before she returns to Australia.

If you're interested to arrange for a city breaks at the convenience of a mouse click, check out DialAFlight for all the holiday offers in their website. You can even make a call to speak to their travel consultants. They are there to assist you and making sure that your dream holidays are fulfilled!


Des said...

haha we are doing almost the same PPP each its kinda alert me when there is available opportunity...

keep up the good work!

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L'abeille said...

:) Great! Let's earn a little pocket money together-gether