Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ahem....ahem.....*cough cough*

Geez...X-T is having a bad cough again. Last year, I tried serving him steamed orange to soothes his heart lungs because he was coughing day and night with thickish phlegm. It works! He recovered after the 3rd day.

This time around L'abeille the unqualified Chinese doctor will ask him a few simple questions before prescribing him his home made concoction. Well, since he's coughing mostly at night with clear white phlegm, I made him steamed pear with Chinese almond instead.

First, cut off the top of the pear and remove the core.
[I prefer those big Korean pears]

Stuff a small piece of rock cane sugar into the cavity.

Wash a teaspoon of Chinese Almond

Stuff the cleaned Chinese almonds into the pear's cavity

Cover the pear with the top removed earlier.
You might want to secure the cap with toothpicks.
While steaming, make sure no water sips into the bowl.

Steam on gas mark: medium for 3 hours.
[Make sure you check the water level in your steamer just in case it dries out.]

Here's how the steamed pear looks like after 3 hours. I did not add water into the bowl.
These are natural fruit juice from the pear. *slurpy*

Finish the whole pear and drink the juice while it's still hot.
Actually, this is not only good for people who's having a cough,
you can actually serve this as a warm dessert on your healthy days ;)

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