Thursday, September 06, 2007

Epilogue to "Our Story"

X-T says.....
Mention "fishing" to her and the first thing that comes to her mind would be me using the Internet.

Why? Well, I got to know her through the Internet, and I was saying "Hi!" to so many gals out there that the term "fishing" seems very appropriate. That term is in our dictionary now. Whenever I wish to proclaim my innocence, I only have to say "I'm not going fishing anymore".

As told by L'abeille, our tale is full of wonderful coincidences. The things that happened and the odds of it happening still amazes me. Luckily, I'm not an expert in actuarial science as I suspect the things that happened and the odds of it happening would frighten many probability experts.

Our relationship passed the one year milestone. To me, the year passed by way too quickly. Truly, the motion of time hasten when a person is in a blissful state.

I consider myself blessed to have found her. She is so full of patience, love, wisdom, rationality and compassion that it spills over to me. She completes me.

Happy anniversary to you too, dear...


U.Lee said...

Hi XT and L'abeille, came across your callsign over at Pearly's blog and it looked French, so as usual kaypoh over.
Wow, I enjoyed reading your love story.
Both of you are really a good looking couple.
And to you L'abeille,'Love is just a word, till someone comes along and give it meaning'.
Congrats on your ever blossoming love, may it be fruitful and a love without end.
With warm regards, UL.

L'abeille said...

Hi u.lee

Thanks for dropped by at "Our Life Journey". Thanks for the dropping a note too!

Since I'm equally as kaypoh as you... ngek ngek... I surfed my way to yours. You've such an interesting blog and I can't help but to add your link in our blog.

jam said...

Happy 1 year anniversary to you guys! The world is full of love!

Sammi said...

Dear XT,

Hi, i am L'abeille colleague Sammi, I am so touched about your love story. I really think she is good girl and you are good man. May God bless your relationship and hopefully your will hold in hand to go thru more milestone in life.....

PEARLY said...

Happy anniversary to the both of you


L'abeille said...

Jam: Thanks for dropping by. Oh yes, truly!

Sammi & Pearly: Terima Kasih!

X-T & L'abeille

X-T said...

Dear visitors,

Thanks for all the well wishes. Believe me, I myself was very surprised of my Significant Other's posting and the details she revealed (she left me in the dark until the very day itself).

Thus, the Epilogue was written to supplement her posting, but from my point of view.

Once again, you have our sincere thanks.


Tina Su - Think Simple Now said...

I love your post...She is so lucky that someone love her the way you do...Thanks for inspiring me..

Love & Gratitude,
Think Simple Now
~ Clarity & Happiness