Saturday, September 08, 2007

Tortilla For Breakfast

Don't you love Saturdays? Well, I do! That's the only time I can comfortably prepare a nice breakfast instead of my usual boring muesli, banana and milky....*yaawn*

Well, here's a quick post of what I just just had 30 minutes ago...If American breakfast is just too boring for you, why not try something different. A Tortilla for breakfast maybe? *winks*

I've some left over Tortilla, a can of beans and two leftover grilled chicken sausages

Beat an egg with some Italian mix herbs and a few drops of soy sauce
[haha.such a weird combination hor?] Pan fry the eggs into thin patties in olive oil.

Arrange two tortilla like what I did, split a slice of low fat cheese and place on the tortilla.

Next, place 1/2 a slice of seaweed on top of the cheese

Egg on top of the seaweed.

Place that juicy chicken sausage on the egg and a a little mustard.

Warp everything into a roll. Spread a little garlic spread on top of the tortilla and bake it for about 8-10 minutes.
[You might want to secure the wrap with one or two toothpick]

Here goes...

Fusion Tortilla Wrap with baked beans

Ok, I gotta go now for my body massage, a facial, a manicure and oh why not a peek at the boutique after that too! haha... Mmm... Anniversary's dinner tonight mar...*gotta look hot for X-T even though I'm NOT* muhahahahaha ;p

Have a delicious weekend everybody!

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