Monday, September 17, 2007

Italian Herbed Grilled Chicken

First you need a tube of Italian Herbs Paste.
Pretty handy as it can be used to marinate chicken or veal,
serve them with pasta or as a salad dressing.

Clean a handful of asparagus and stuff tomatoes
with garlic slices and bay leaf.

De-boned and skinned chicken whole legs
[or you can also use chicken breast].
Marinate the meat with a generous amount of Italian Herb paste,
crushed black pepper and lemon juice.

Grill the tomatoes and chicken together with slices of garlic.
As soon as the chicken's cooked, remove the chicken into individual plates.
The juices from the chicken is best used to stir fry the asparagus.
All you have to do is add a little pepper and salt to taste!

A healthy meal served in just merely 20 minutes!

Italian Herb Grill Chicken with Asparagus,
grill tomatoes and a slice of [Chinese] bagel from Sabah
with compliments from Sammi


Des said...

wah sedap gila!!

i like the chicken with the asparagus...looks tantalizing!

PEARLY said...

wow fast and easy huh .. lovely diner .. I love the gill pan I bought one for grill steak is really good all the fat run down

L'abeille said...

Hi Des,

Ya ya...very sedap and very very healthy too. Try make for your gf ok? hehe

L'abeille said...


I'm lazy and since I'm not allowed to eat after 8PM everynight, I'll make sure my dinner requires minimal ingredient and ready in <30 minutes to cook.

Yes, I HEART my grill pan!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Sooo tasty & yummy!! Ur lamb chop is soooo yummy!! Ur bf sooooo lucky!! Aiyoh so hungry now!!! Maybe ask gf can prepare such food for me as XT gf can do it! Have a nice day!

L'abeille said...

Hor-ny Ma lau!

Eh? I thought you don't need to eat one. Just do what you're 'doing everyday' and 'educating' all the readers how to do it is enough to fill your tummy? No? hehehe....

Sammi said...

Ah ya ya, I almost missed this post lah becasue I don't like to cook so I won't look at recipe much. Luckily I have a quick glance at the picture and I saw my BREAD! I told you I want to give you more, I have thrown all mine into dusbin already- YOU MAKE ME WASTE THE FOOD!

L'abeille said...

SAMMI: Oui Woman, I still have plenty in my fridge lar. Can't eat much carbo lah!