Monday, September 17, 2007

Lemony Rosemary Grilled Lamb Cutlets

The main reason why I bought these fresh Australian chilled lamb cutlets last Saturday was because...

I had the urge to hammer someone serve a cosy dinner at home

After HAMMERING every single piece of muscle, THROW them inside a bowl, SMASHED a glove of garlic, POUND a handful of fresh rosemary with lake salt, CRUSHED some black and white pepper, SCRAPE the lemon peel and CHOP finely, SQUEEZE 1/2 a lemon dry.
RUB all the mixed ingredient FURIOUSLY on the lamb cutlets with a dash of olive oil.
Once done, suffocate the bowl with cling wrap and CHILL the meat for at least 1-2 hour in the fridge.
HEAT up the grilling pan, GRILL those marinated meat on both sides to perfection. Approximately 5 minutes on both sides on gas mark: HIGH to seal the juice and to achieve the grilling effect on the meat.

Lamb cutlets are best served with a juicy grilled Italian sausage, roast potato and sourish coleslaw.

Of course a piece of garlic organic toast and bowl of home made wild mushroom soup completes the meal.

L'abeille says: Sigh, cooking is such a stress reliever. After all the chopping and pounding and..... etc! ....... muahahahaha

X-T says: "Poor lamb" as he licks the plate clean... *slurp..slurp*

Here's another method to prepare lamb chops

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